You Helped Change The Lives Of Many

To The Reader’s Forum:

We live in a wonderfully supportive and caring community.

We knew that going into our special assignment as co-chairs of the United Way campaign last summer. But your response to our call for support was quite literally overwhelming and especially heart warming. Your willingness to support our United Way (and the eighteen agency partners) in such a meaningful way cemented our impression that we do indeed live in a wonderful community.

Back in July, we were both very nervous about our prospects of meeting our fund raising goal. Because of your response and your generosity, our anxiety quickly diminished. By the end of the campaign, we had exceeded that goal quite comfortably.

You made that happen you and the rest of our neighbors in this wonderful community.

Thank you for your help in “changing the story” for so many people in southern Chautauqua County.


Deb and Deke Kathman

2014 Campaign co-chairs

United Way of

Southern Chautauqua County