BPU Substation Project To Start In April

The $3 million Jamestown Board of Public Utilities electrical substation project to replace two older plants will start in April.

On Monday, Kris Sellstrom gave a presentation to the Board of Public Utilities about the new substation that will be located along Isabella Avenue, near Clinton Street. The new substation will replace two older substations one located near McCrea Point and the other on the corner of Second and Washington streets.

Sellstrom said the construction of the substation will start April 1, and the completion of the building should be done by July 1. Then in November, testing will be done to commission the new substation. Next year, the other two substations will be dismantled.

To go along with the substation presentation, the board also passed four resolutions for the new facility. The board passed a resolution for $609,000 for construction costs; $523,000 for metal clad switchgear; $822,226 for two transformers; and 5 circuit breakers for $141,665.

In April 2013, the BPU board approved the new substation project. In May, the City Council approved the project by transferring land to the BPU for construction of the new substation. The parcels of land for the new substation was designated for use by the Public Works Department.

“The property was landbanked 20-plus years ago for a DPW building that never came to fruition,” Jeff Lehman, public works director, said in May. “That property has been used as a snow dump in the past, so this is obviously a better use for it. This will also allow us to remove two stations – one near McCrea Point and one at Second and Washington streets – which will free up some property for other uses.”

The McCrea Point substation is located on Jones and Gifford Avenue near the park, a popular fishing destination during the summer months. Once the new substation is erected, the land can be reclaimed for the park.