Thank You For The Coverage

To The Reader’s Forum:

On behalf of the nearly 50 citizens who picketed The Post-Journal on Friday, we would like to extend our thanks to the paper’s editor for covering the event and thus clarifying our mission. Our intent was, and will remain, an effort to encourage the paper to provide better balance of social and political issues through more frequent inclusion of moderate- and left-leaning reader-submitted and syndicated editorial content. In addition, we are asking The Post-Journal to refrain from printing anonymous comments that are insulting to others’ political, sexual, marital, and socio-economic status, as well as slurs against ethnic or racial groups.

It is our sincere hope, going forward, that the paper’s apparent efforts to do so over just the past week continue into the future, thus representing the City of Jamestown and its citizens more accurately: a place where diversity is respected, and differing points of view are given equal exposure in its newspaper.

Nancy Griswold


Raise Awareness for Balance