Obama Sticks To His Priorities

Say one thing for President Barack Obama: When he sets priorities, he sticks to them.

Take the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, which could help the U.S. hold gasoline prices down and provide thousands of jobs, while continuing a longstanding partnership with Canada. Obama has delayed it for more than five years, even though the State Department says there are no environmental concerns.

Apparently, the president believes in handling such matters slowly and carefully.

Now consider White House policy on marijuana – possession of which is still illegal under federal law.

On Friday, just weeks after the state of Colorado legalized marijuana, the Obama administration announced plans to help banks deal legally with marijuana sellers.

Normally, such transactions would be illegal. But the White House, acting quickly to ensure newly well-to-do marijuana dealers can bank like the rest of us, has expedited what amounts to an exemption from the law.

So yes, it is all about priorities. Obama’s answer to an important energy program is no. To the marijuana dealers, however, it is yes.