The U.S. Needs To Wake Up

To The Reader’s Forum:

The Presidents’ use of “Executive Privilege” to reach his personal goal is not new. You do not need a congress just a pen, phone and maybe a sword. Guess all former presidents have used it. Apparently this was widely used by the heads of several countries in the l930’s.

I personally can recall Der Fuhrer in Germany. He and his party did not need the Reichstag (congress) so they burned it down. Il Duce in Italy with his speeches from the balcony so mesmerized many in the country they failed to see what was really happening. In Japan you had no option to not agree with the Emperor, he was a direct descendant of God. Most of these things happened because the people were unable, or consciously, did not believe they had or could happen to them.

Perhaps you have noticed that recently several credible and knowledgeable members, of both parties, have warned that our people seem to be taking the path that was taken in 1930 Germany. When one man truly believes that he is right, is president and his ideology are the best for the country and then in a nationwide speech declares “He doesn’t need the Congress” and, I guess subsequently, the Constitution. Be careful!

When polls show that a great many voters question, or disagree with his policies, hopefully we are beginning to open our eyes and at least think about what could happen. Yes, even in the our United States of America

Most respectfully and seriously,

Leo A. Wilcox