Editor’s Note

As we approach the end of February, I’m confident I’ve missed several important family milestones already this year.

I’m not the best at remembering birthdays or anniversaries. Facebook helps me out by reminding me of when some of my relatives are turning a year older. I write on each of their walls, along with 100 other people, and they probably don’t even notice.

Many of my relatives, those who are older than I am in particular, don’t use social media, so Facebook can’t serve as the ultimate family birthday calendar for me. Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, but the Bills will win the Super Bowl before my dad and stepdad join Facebook.

I prefer an all-inclusive wall calendar – something that has every important life event of every relative spread across 12 busy months. Unfortunately for me, I’ve never taken the time to sit down and create one. I assumed my grandmother would continue to make me a calendar for Christmas every year. It was an unwritten rule of sorts, I had hoped.

Christmas came and went, and I’ve started the year without a family calendar at home. Sure, I have calendars. One reminds me of work-related tasks. Another tells me when to pay my bills. But I need a fun calendar – one I can look over for entertainment each morning while drinking a cup of coffee.

Previous calendars have featured more than just a boring listing of birthdays and anniversaries. If I had an old calendar handy, I could look up when my grandpa retired or when my dad bought his house. I would know the time of day each relative was born and who was the heaviest baby.

As this long, cold winter nears its hopeful conclusion, I’ve received some good news. Grandma stopped in to see me at work this week. After a great deal of time and effort, she has finished my calendar.

It’s Christmas in February.