Reed Making Progress

To the Readers’ Forum:

Hats off to Congressman Tom Reed! I believe he is heading us in the right direction. Minimum wage should not be increased as it will only snowball the affects of our failing economy. Once a company has to pay basic employees more, not only are less people hired, but the final cost of the product will rise to compensate the financial balance needed.

Long-term unemployment benefits need to end as well. There are jobs out there! Just not the high paying ones some people are accustomed to. I personally8 know of several people who continue to collect unemployment simply because it’s the easy way out. They refuse to follow through on job offers as it is much simpler to kick back and ride the unemployment benefits out as far as they can take them. From what I generally see – and granted – there are some exceptions – long term unemployment benefits enable the lazy to become lazier.

And Congressman Reeds’ stance on the SNAP cuts? Also to be commended! do you know anyone who receives food stamps? the cuts amounted to approximately $2 per $100 received! Hardly even noticeable to those who get the benefits in the first place! And it such minimal cuts result in long term gains – what’s wrong with that?

Sounds like Congressman Tom Reed is heading us in the right direction.

Rosemary McKay