Taglianetti Sentencing Scheduled For Monday

MAYVILLE – His late son is the first and last thing Keith Reed Sr. of Salamanca thinks about every day.

On Monday, the man who took Keith Reed Jr.’s life will learn his fate.

The sentencing of Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti II, the Virginia man who was convicted of murdering Reed Jr., former Clymer Central Schools superintendent on Sept. 21, 2012, is scheduled for 9:45 a.m. in Chautauqua County Court.

Reed’s father will be attending.

“(This murder) should never have happened to begin with,” Reed Sr. said. “I don’t forgive (Taglianetti) … he didn’t have to (commit murder) … he had all that time from Virginia to cool off.”

District Attorney David Foley, who led the effort in convicting Taglianetti, said he will request a maximum sentence of 25 years to life. However, he added, the decision is ultimately up to the court.

“Just because (Taglianetti) gets sentenced, I’m not going to feel any better about it,” Reed Sr. said.

Public Defender Nathaniel Barone was unable to be reached for comment, but has publicly stated in the past that an appeal was not out of the question.

Taglianetti, 43, was the subject of a dramatic 10-day trial last fall that pieced together events from 2012, in which Taglianetti discovered an online affair between Reed and his wife, Mary. Enraged, Taglianetti drove 350 miles from his home in Woodbridge, Va., to Clymer and shot Reed three times at his home.

Taglianetti was convicted of second-degree murder on Nov. 8 and has been in Chautauqua County Jail since.