Hines Tosses 299 Game

Matt Hines was a pin away from perfection Thursday night.

Hines rolled 11 straight strikes and then left a pin on his final ball for a 299 in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles Classic at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Ray Textor had the top series with a 740, thanks to games of 257-236-247, for Butternut Brook Farms in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles Classic at JBC. Ron Holter was second in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles Classic with a 265-232-233-730 for Farm Fresh Foods. Brandon Miller was next with a 249-243-236-728 for Southside Redemption followed by Chris Conti with a 237-268-702 for Dom’s Mobile at JBC.

For the ladies, Bonnie Smith delivered a 227-219-627 in the Ladies League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Rounding out the top scores in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles Classic was Alex Foti with a 248-233-679.

Ryan Colburn tossed a 279, Andrew Raymond a 277, Mike Sacilowski and Bill Thompson 259s, Devon Kennelley and Chris Goodwill 257s and Randy Herron a 255 at JBC.

Also at JBC, Jenny Goodwill drilled a 245 and Tena Berkhous a 232.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Mark Blasdell 245-240-670, Randy Herron 664, Bill Thompson 222-662, Matt Himes 660, Josh Volk 247-653, Ryan Colburn 651, Tom Sacilowski 650, Dave Saxton 236-648, Dan Gould 228-646, Matt Delong 226-225-645, Dan Hallberg 226-636, Devon Kennelley 627, Andrew Raymond 620. Mike Sacilowski 612, Howie McIntyre Jr. 608, Dave Fiorella 243-608, Howie McIntyre Sr. 604.

AM Seniors League – Al Conklin 544, Jim Suckow 519, Don Proctor 517.

Early Birds League – Cliff Carlson 218-517, Paul Holthouse 503, Denise Weber 488, Dot Smith 437, Ruth Eggleston 426, Gen Juul 420, Karen Beattie 416.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League – John Robbins 243-648, Chris Goodwill 644, Russ Berkhous 247-638, Jesse Anderson 225-610, Tena Berkhous 552, Andrew Raymond 583, Jenny Goodwill 529.

Frewsburg Lanes: Thursday Ladies League – Kimberly Tedquist 200-529, Kelly Lauffenburger 209-506, Kimberly Honey 493, Debbie Walker 476.