North East Author Releases Fourth Book

NORTH EAST, Pa. – Deceptively sweet with a hint of deadly, North East author Nancy Kay has revisited the world of genre fiction.

According to Kay, her books can be categorized as romantic suspense, but are more mystery than thriller. Her most recent release, “Sweet Deception,” was inspired by a chocolate shop in North East, where she calls home.

“I wanted to do something set in the North East area, and the chocolate shop just stuck in my head,” Kay said. “So, I created a character who had grown up in the North East area whose family owned the chocolate shop. She moved away, but when her grandmother passed away she left the shop to her. So, she was forced to come back and make a decision as to if she was going to run the shop or sell it. There’s a lot of conflict there, but there’s also a lot of mystery and suspense in the fact that someone she worked with in New York definitely doesn’t want to her leave because they rely on her artistic ability.”

The character does end up coming back to North East, and she reconnects with childhood friends. One of the friends she meets is a state policeman, and a romance promptly develops.

“My books are character driven and the settings are very important to me too – I love writing about this area,” Kay said.

In addition to “Sweet Deception,” Kay is also the author of a trilogy she calls the “Deadly Triad.” The series includes three books, “Deadly Reflection,” “Deadly Revenge” and “Deadly Encounter.” The first book introduces all of the characters, but focuses on the story of two. The second and third book each also focus on two primary characters that were introduced in the first book.

“In the third book I pull it all together to wrap it all up because these characters are all intertwined,” Kay said.

A lot of the mystery and suspense portions of Kay’s books come from her husband, Joseph Schneider, who served as a member of both the Pennsylvania State Police Department and as a Marine. Kay also has a daughter, Heather Weibel, and three grandchildren.

“Sweet Deception” and the “Deadly Triad” trilogy are available as e-books on Desert Breeze Publishing’s website,, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Hard copies are available at the Grape Country Marketplace, 17 W. Main St. in North East and Romolo Chocolate, 1525 W. Eighth St. in Erie, Pa.

For more information, visit or search for “Nancy Kay” on Facebook.