Grind Gang

A Latin-inspired celebration of family, community, music and dance is on its way to downtown Jamestown.

Following a series of successful area performances, Grind Gang Latino, formerly Cariduro Music, will bring a hip hop and reggaeton show to The Crystal Ballroom. The show is set for Saturday, March 1, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Grind Gang Latino is part of Grind Gang Entertainment, which was founded by Ricardo “Payso” Powell, who will serve as one of the headliners for the show. Members of Grind Gang Latino, the other headliner, include Jose “J.Sanchez” Sanchez, Jose “Jowy” Villanueva and Jose “JaySlow” Mendoza. The special guests also set to perform include: Clayton “DJ Matic” Leeper, Josh “J-Dot” Dorsey and Lexis “The Hightone” Reyes.

According to Sanchez, the show is an exciting opportunity to represent the city he was born in, Jamestown.

“It’s the opportunity to show everyone where I come from, and what I can bring to the table,” Sanchez said.

The two types of music to be presented during the show include hip hop and reggaeton. Reggaeton is a Latin-inspired form of music that has roots in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. According to Sanchez, it’s similar to hip hop, and is even danced to in just about the same way. But, most importantly, the music and the shows bring together the Latin community in a celebration of family and friends.

“It’s a great way to have fun and enjoy everything,” Sanchez said. “We all tend to stick together, that’s the good thing about the Latin community. We all stick together as a family, and show each other support.”

The show’s promoter, John Foster, is the founder of Flight Plan Entertainment. The upcoming show is the first Foster has planned, but the idea behind Flight Plan Entertainment is to bring something new to the area, he said.

“We’re hopefully going to have a great show that’s going to lead to having more after – we want to bring a new era of entertainment to this community,” Foster said.

In addition to being a hip hop and reggaeton showcase, the show is also intended to celebrate Sanchez, Villanueva and Mendoza’s recent nominations for the Golden Mic Latin Music Awards. Out of 20 categories, Sanchez, Villanueva and Mendoza received several nominations, including: best album/mixtape of the year; artist and urban revelation; urban song of the year; R&B, urban general and video; duo artists and urban revelation; romantic dance and R&B video.

Sanchez, Villanueva and Mendoza will head to Club Lux in Orlando, Fla., on March 14 for the awards ceremony, where they will find out whether they won. Winning would not only serve as recognition, but also the opportunity to bring their music to communities across the nation and beyond.

“It’s recognition, and a dream come true,” Sanchez said. “It’s something that you can be proud of in life. In the future you can show this to your kids, and they could be a part of it too.”

“It feels good,” Villanueva added. “Being nominated was awesome, but it’s really about what comes after that.”

Those interested in offering support to Sanchez, Villanueva and Mendoza may do so by visit and clicking “Like” on songs by J.Sanchez, Jowy and JaySlow.

Tickets to the Saturday, March 1, show are $8 for those older than 15, and $4 for those 14 and younger. The Crystal Ballroom is located at 110 W. Third St. in Jamestown. For more information, search for “Grind Gang Latino” on Facebook.