CLA’s Conroe Gives Annual Report To Mayville Village Board

The February Mayville Village Board meeting was highlighted by the annual report from Doug Conroe of the Chautauqua Lake Association.

Conroe thanked the Village Board for its continued support of the association. He pointed out that even with the financial support provided by the village, town, county and state plus donations and grants expected, it is likely that the association’s funding will fall short of what the association would like to do in its ongoing efforts to keep the lake healthy. Conroe pointed out that nutrients will always reach the lake and there will always be some weed problems, but that the association can work to prevent the very serious excessive blooms from occurring.

The meeting also featured a video made by Public Works Superintendent John Buxton, using an underwater camera, to show the condition of the interior of the village’s oldest water holding tank. The 180,000-gallon tank dates from the 1930s. While it is still in reasonably sound condition, there is considerable rust around the rivets which was clearly visible in the video. The concrete base on which the tank sits is crumbling and seriously compromised. Buxton told the board that it would be advantageous for the village to reduce its water storage capacity. The three tanks currently in use hold more water than is required for use by the village. Buxton is recommending to the board that they disassemble the tank and sell it for scrap value.

In other business the board approved Thane Bunce as a new member of the fire department and authorized the fire company to hold an Easter Egg Hunt in Lakeside Park on April 13.