Salamanca To Share Casino Revenue Settlement With Nonprofits

SALAMANCA – When the city of Salamanca received its share of the $34.5 million casino revenue settlement in 2013, city officials made the decision to set aside a portion to help nonprofit agencies within the city. The first round of those selections has been decided after a recent City Council meeting.

The funds for which agencies are eligible will not be disbursed in a lump-sum check, according to Mayor Carmen Vecchiarella. The funds will be available for use by the agencies in a draw-down style. Representatives from the agency would have to bring a bill to the city clerk or city auditor to have them cleared and then paid through the allotted amounts.

The Cattaraugus County Living Arts Association will receive $10,000 for various work projects dealing with the Ray Evan Seneca Theater. The group has been working on restoration for the historic movie theater since the mid-1980s. The theater has been the home of many plays, pageants and movies since being resurrected after years of neglect after the flood of 1972.

The Salamanca Historical Society also received $10,000 to help pay for a second person at the building on Main Street to help conduct tours and greet visitors. Some of the funds, according to society member, April Vecchiarella, will also go into window replacement on the historic building.

Also receiving $10,000 are the Salamanca Senior Center and the Empire Animal Rescue Society. The Salamanca Kiwanis Club will have availability of $5,000 to go into replacement of Christmas lights and other decorations throughout the city.

A second round of awards is expected to take place with a few applications needing further review, Mayor Vecchiarella said. Those agencies should know their status by the end of the month, he said. Funds for the agencies will be available for use no sooner than April 15, to accommodate for the city’s operating budget to go into effect for the new year.