Embrace Of Same-Sex Marriage Shows Progress

To The Reader’s Forum:

Pastor Short has it backward when he claims that approval of same-sex marriage shows cultural decay and “deviance” when in fact it is a sign of progress! America made long-overdue progress in overturning racial and gender discrimination that had been propped up by the rigidity and small-mindedness of exclusionary biblical fundamentalism and literalism (to which Short apparently subscribes). Now, more and more progress is being made in striking down laws that discriminate against gay couples who love one another and choose to be united in marriage, enjoying the same civil rights and protections accorded heterosexual couples. Happily, the State of New York is now counted among the growing number of states affirming the civil rights of gay couples, reversing a longstanding de facto sanctioning of bigotry and backwardness.

Alas, the religious fundamentalism and biblical literalism which often are employed as the basis for more exclusionary thinking such as attacks on gay persons and couples represents an earlier stage of faith formation. More developed and progressive stages, described in Fowler’s STAGES OF FAITH, move beyond rigidity to embrace increasing complexity and broadly inclusive thinking.

We count Greg Rabb a good friend, a highly respected educator and an accomplished leader of City Council, recently re-elected and re-installed for another term as Council President. The fact that the community and its leaders have affirmed and re-affirmed him suggests that the community has his back, too. That’s progress!

Rev. Angus and Anne Watkins