Gould Rolls 667 At JBC

Heather Gould put another big set together on Monday night as she posted a 245-667 for JBC Pro Shop to lead the action in the Barmore-Sellstrom Ladies Classic League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Also at JBC, Andrew Raymond tossed a 289-234-739 in the Acme Appliance League on Sunday.

Russ Payne delivered a 266-678 in the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Back in the Barmore-Sellstrom League, JoAnne Brown connected for 222-235-632 for Tupperware Home Parties, Bonnie Smith smashed a 618 for A-Bat, Donna Clark rolled a 596 for Catering Plus, Daryl Wadsworth tossed a 589 for Chautauqua Landscape & Deck Service, Lyn McIntyre had 585 for the 5th Wheel and Debbie Williams had a 230-591 for JBC Pro Shop.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Acme Appliance League – Pat Ewing 233-236-663, Kevin Kelly 662, Dennis Nilson 602, Ly Genco 500.

Monday Seniors League – Bud Sardi 212-214-566, Jim Mitchell 532, Joe Riolo 520, Diana Gronquist 403.

Hot Shot Seniors League – Roger Vine 512, Pat Walsh 208-500, Dot Smith 464, Sharon Dowd 447, Pat Kinney 430, Fran Walsh 413, Marian Amatuzzo 409.

Barmore-Sellstrom Ladies Classic League – Jenna Hooper 225-563, Theresa Jackson 548, Beth Sacilowski 531, Dawn Raynor 527, Sue Bero 521, Jody Shely 202-521, Sue Lamb 509, Mary Gayton 501, Leda Peterson 497.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League – Bill Pownall 247-673, Matt Delong 670, Jeff Arnold 236-661, Bill Thompson 629, Dan Walker 602, Bruce Moore 585, Kody Howard 575.