Rabb Lives And Breathes Public Service

To The Reader’s Forum:

This letter is in support of Dr. Rabb. I know Dr. Rabb personally as I spent most of my time at JCC around him. Political preference aside (as I do not align with either faction) I have seen Rabb put countless hours into working to make Jamestown a welcoming place for businesses and for residents. Rabb has worked with and taught countless students the “nitty-gritty” of our constitution and how it is the basis for every governmental action good or bad, how the court system has worked to protect and preserve many of the liberties we still enjoy and how our system works in theory and in our current situation. Never have I met anyone who has such a strong grasp for how government is supposed to function. Never have I felt that he was out of touch or had an agenda. This man lives and breathes public service. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he deserves credit for working with countless students, whose views vary, in teaching how government works and instilling a desire to work in government to make a difference.

I partially agree with “Our City Deserves a Better Effort;” that not enough is being done to address employment issues. I feel that Rabb isn’t the only one to blame; employment issues plague our whole nation. Could more be done to fix these problems? Certainly, but from an outsider’s view I see a city that has worked to make a difference. They seem to have brought development to an area that has seen layoffs and a stagnant economy for years!

In my opinion City Council should not be the only force in keeping and creating jobs for the area. They can incentivize and advertise our area but there’s a burden on corporations to use incentives offered to them to bring jobs to our area.

Dr. Blair, I agree with you that wedding tourism isn’t a total fix, but isn’t a small step in the right direction? Existing businesses stay afloat and keep people employed as tourists spend their money in our local businesses. Prosperity doesn’t happen by chance, it comes from people trying to make a difference. Hasn’t Rabb and others tried to do that?

I end in saying that if we aren’t happy with what our representatives are doing we owe it to our community to vote in someone who we feel is more competent.

Marcus Pisa