Jamestown Rifle Club Takes Second Place

The Jamestown Rifle Club took second place in the third week of competition in the Vermont Winter Postal League.

The team was led by Clayton Hanson and Ben Swanson, who each fired a 395.

Hanson and Swanson were both named to last week’s Western Division All-Star Team. They were also named to the Junior All-Star Team along with Andre Delcalzo.

Teammates Todd Hanson and Swanson currently have the ninth-highest average in the league.

Team Standings

1 Albion1,579

2 Jamestown1,574

3 Whitehall1,574

4 Plattsburgh1,565

5 Quaker Hill 1,559

6 Burlington1,558

7 Barington1,549

8 Northfield1,523

9 Aces1,487

10 Hudson Falls1,481

11 Modesto1,479

12 St Lawrence1,425

13 Sharpshooters1,424

14 JRRoughRiders1,174

15 Marksman 867