Academy Of Pre-Law & Human Services

The Academy of Pre-Law and Human Services will focus on career paths related to economics, political and social systems. They may include: education, government, law, military, social services or law enforcement. This path could apply to students if:

they are friendly, open and understanding,

they like to work with people to solve problems,

it is important for them to do something that makes it better for others and;

they like reading, traveling or tutoring.

Potential career categories include education, clergy, government, armed services, counseling and human services, public safety and law and legal services.

JHS organizations that go along with this academy include: Mock Trial, Student Organization, Key Club, Speak Up and International Relations.

JHS and BOCES courses students can explore through this academy include: AP US and AP European History, Philosophy, Business Law, Public Speaking, Criminal Justice, Local Government, Mystery/Crime Fiction and Government/Economics.