Academy Of Pre-Medicine & Health Sciences

The Academy of Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences will focus on career paths related to the promotion of health and treatment of disease. These include research, prevention, treatment and related health technologies. This path could apply to students if:

they like to care for people or animals who are sick,

they are interested in disease and how the body works and;

they enjoy reading about science and medicine.

Potential career categories are dentistry, nutrition/fitness, veterinary science, therapy and rehabilitation, speech and language pathology, and medicine including clinical research.

JHS organizations that go along with this academy include: Environmental Awareness Club, Ski Club, Key Club/Interact, Athletics and Garden Club.

Some JHS and BOCES courses students can explore through this academy are: Molecular Biology, Psychology, Health Assisting, Music Theory, Chemistry, Careers in Healthcare, Small Animal Science and Conceptual Physics.