A Personal Experience With Fracking

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am not writing this letter to debate the pros and cons of the fracking controversy, rather to share a very personal story our family has experienced with fracking.

Our daughter lives in the Azle area of North Texas. Her family bought a home in a quiet country area and when fracking began down the road from them their quite country life became a nightmare. Due to fracking 24 hours a day the traffic, noise and bright lights as well as problems with their well water caused them to sell their home. They bought another a few miles away and drilling began just a few miles from them.

Since then they have experienced over 30 earthquakes since November 2013, had problems with cracking in their out buildings and a sour taste in their well water. They and their neighbors as well as town officials have been unable to get any answers from Texas state officials. In the meantime, a good night’s sleep is almost impossible due to the constant quakes, they must buy bottled water and as far as damage to their properties they are out of lock.

Because they are not in a “earthquake zone” they are unable to purchase earthquake insurance. For our family they have had a very personal experience with hydraulic fracking.

Denise Priestman