Boys & Girls Club Flag Football

Jacob Starkweather tossed three touchdown passes and Jennah Starkweather threw a touchdown pass and caught another as the Green Team defeated the Red Team,36-32, on Wednesday.

Reed Bower and Ashlin Bower had two touchdown receptions for the winners.

Frankie Bindics threw two touchdown passes and Drayce Garland tossed one touchdown and caught another for the Red Team.

– – –

Dylan Scott tossed six touchdown passes and Evan Anderson caught five of them when the Blue Team downed the Black Team, 46-44.

For the Black Team, Brandon Michael tossed two touchdown passes and caught another, Camron Mays and Julian McGaughy each threw one and caught two. and Nolan Butts tossed one and caught one.

– —

On Thursday, the Red Team dropped the Green Team, 12-4, as Michael Boron ran for a touchdown, Gavin Pantojas threw for one and Brandon Lobb caught one.

The Green Team scored on two safeties.

– – –

Jack Carlson threw for two touchdowns and caught another, Carson Panebianco caught two touchdowns and ran for another and Mason Kilmer ran for another score as the Blue Team defeated the Black Team, 34-10.