The Old Congress Has To Go

To The Reader’s Forum:

Now that the “State Of The Union Address” is over, all the politicians are trying to give excuses for not working for the people that elected them.

The trash talk and excuses and half-truths continue with more vigor than ever. What our Congress needs to learn is that they are not elected to like the president. They are not elected to make the president look bad through criticism. And they need to learn that their job is to work for us and not their re-election. I have listened for days now how Congress will not be able to work with the president because of the tone he has set. It is unacceptable for Congress to be dysfunctional because of the tone the president is setting!

Our own Chris Collins from Buffalo has said the tone the president is setting will make it difficult to work with him. I say too bad, Chris! Hold your nose and start talking to other Congressmen, Democrat and Republican, and pass a bill that is truly a compromise and send it to the president. How about passing bills you agree on that do not require compromise.

Maybe you should try term limits for Congress first. Let the president explain why he vetoed the bill. I only wish that I could, in my line of work, use the excuse like “I don’t like the way my boss works” to avoid doing the duties of my job I have been hired to do. I only wish Chris Collins was an isolated case, but I have heard many more from both sides say the same or similar things about the other party or president.

I think we can do better in electing our representatives. We should be electing adults to congress and not squabbling children. We need to stop paying homage to talk shows and radio shows that promote adversarial relationships between the parties and criticizes instead of trying to improve for ratings. We cannot afford to make our government work like a sporting event where you side with one team and they can do no wrong. No one side is one hundred percent right. These elected representatives are using their office for self-recognition personal gain.

My thought is that the old Congress has to go. Instead of building relationships that promote bipartisan, they have created battle lines in which neither side wants to give ground.

Edward Carutis