On Display

The 3rd On 3rd Gallery has once again opened its doors to the public, and with a new lighting system its exhibits look better than ever.

Several local and regional photographers gathered with the community at 3rd On 3rd Gallery Friday evening to celebrate the opening reception for the annual exhibit entitled “Cold Snap.” The photography show, which will run until Feb. 21, features the work of Cathy Panebianco, James Hoggard, Mark Kirsch, Deborah Lanni and Bruce Fox.

According to Len Barry, the exhibit is the fourth photography show that is held during the winter each year. The exhibit celebrates the work of photographers from Jamestown, Fredonia and Bear Lake, Pa.

“This is a limited run, which we don’t normally do, but we wanted to get something in before ‘Women Create,'” Barry said. “We haven’t had all these photographers together at the same time, and none of them have been in the 3rd On 3rd Gallery – they are all brand new for the space.”

Kirsch, one of the featured artists, has been a photographer for about 35 years as well as a photography teacher at Jamestown Community College and Southwestern High School for 25 years. The work Kirsch has on display in “Cold Snap” has a lot to do with what he teaches as a photographer, he said.

“A long time ago, when I decided I was going to teach the history of photography, I decided it wasn’t going to be from a book or from slides – we were going to make historical pieces,” Kirsch said. “So, I began to develop methods for making modern adaptations of historical processes because a lot of the old ones used really noxious chemicals and dangerous procedures. And, I needed something I could do with a high school group or college class.”

As a result, Kirsch has spent the last 10-15 years working on processes that are a mixture of traditional photography and digital photography.

“There are traditional prints from digital negatives and digital pigment prints from traditional black and white negatives – everything is a mix,” Kirsch said.

Six of the pieces featured in the exhibit also feature work that goes back to Kirsch’s roots, which is street photography, he said.

“With the exception of when I’m working commercially, over the last year or so I have put my digital equipment away and instead I’m using a simple black and white film rangefinder camera for street photography,” Kirsch said. “Most of these photographs were taken within a 20-30 mile radius of Jamestown, and a lot of them were taken in downtown Jamestown within the last year.

“This is my first show here at the 3rd On 3rd Gallery – it’s fantastic,” Kirsch continued. “I’m very excited, flattered and thrilled about being here, especially with this group of people – I’m very honored to be considered among their level.”

In addition to “Cold Snap,” the 3rd On 3rd Gallery also features a new track lighting system. The upgrade was made possible by Ahlstrom Schaeffer Electric Corporation, the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation.

“It’s something we’ve needed for a while,” Barry said. “This space wasn’t originally intended as a gallery space. So, when we did the ‘All Decks On Hand’ show in 2011 we improvised the lighting. Coincidentally, the last show to use the old lighting was ‘All Decks On Hand 3.’ Although the lights currently aren’t working, they’ll likely still be hanging until the end of this show.”

3rd On 3rd Gallery’s next exhibit, “Women Create,” is set to open on March 1. It will also host a debut of work by artists from United Kingdom and other European countries during the “Colonize” exhibit that is set to open on April 5.

3rd On 3rd Gallery is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on week days, and by private appointment. The 3rd On 3rd Gallery is located on the third floor of Reg Lenna Center For The Arts, 116 E. Third St. in Jamestown. For more information, call 664-2465, ext. 227 or visit www.reglenna.com.