Resident Thanks Good Samaritans

Many young people are in the news these days, often for breaking laws, DUI, drug arrests, stealing, etc. It’s sad, indeed.

When young folks do good deeds, they should be given more notoriety than the criminals and their stories should on the front page of the newspaper. So here is my front page story.

On Friday, Feb. 7, my car was stuck, front wheels on glare ice at the end of a driveway on Walnut Street, Jamestown, with my car blocking an entire lane of street. The temperature was in the single digits and probably below zero with the windchill factor. My friend Jean and I both shoveled, lay down cardboard and towels under the tires and she tried to push the car while I drove. After about 30 minutes, no progress was made, we gave up.

Then walking toward my car came a couple of young fellows, my heroes, to help. I told them I had called my husband who would arrive from Frewsburg in about 20 minutes to pull me out. Didn’t matter anyway, they went to work shoveling and pushing, still the car wasn’t budging.

Then Ben left and walked up the street and disappeared without saying anything to me or his buddy, Dalton. In about five minutes, he was back with a dishpan type container half filled with gravel which he said he found in his basement. The young men put gravel under each of the front tires and tried pushing my car out. The car stayed stuck. On about the fourth try of repeating this procedure, and using up all the gravel, Ben says, “One more time! back up, turn your wheels side to side this time.”

BRRMM! Out of the ice sink hole and into the street the car went and I was able to get parked by the curb. The boys were leaving before I could even get out of my car to thank them. “Wait, I want to give you some money,” I said, but they refused, However, I did shake their hands and get their first names, Ben and Dalton.

I looked up the street and here’s my husband just arriving.

I know Ben’s mother works at Alfie’s Restaurant in Lakewood, you have done a great job, mom and dad, too. I don’t know much about Dalton but whoever has brought him up has done a great job, too.

Thanks again, Ben and Dalton, you made my day ! You’re the best !!

Elaine Crossley