Nominations Still Being Accepted?For?Distinguished?Alumnus Award

Nominations are still being accepted for the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award given by Jamestown Community College alumni associations in Jamestown and Cattaraugus County.

JCC’s alumni associations present the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the association’s highest honor, to those who have typified the college’s tradition of excellence and brought credit to the college through personal accomplishment, professional achievement, or humanitarian service.

Nominees may have graduated from either the Jamestown or Cattaraugus County Campus. All nominations are due by March 3. Those who wish to nominate someone for the award have a variety of options.

To nominate someone for the award, visit and click on Distinguished Alumni. Nominators will have the option of filling out an online nomination form or electronically completing a printable PDF.

Nominators can also contact the alumni relations office at 338-1056 or via email at and request that a nomination form be emailed or mailed to them. Paper forms must be returned to Alumni Relations Office, Jamestown Community College, 525 Falconer St., P.O. Box 20, Jamestown, NY 1402-0020. Forms returned via mail must be postmarked by March 3.

All nominations are reviewed by representatives of the alumni association board of directors for both the Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses. Awards will be presented at the college’s commencement ceremonies on May 16 in Olean and May 17 in Jamestown.

Previous recipients include Anita Moore, Class of 1997, Daniel Josephson, Class of 1977, William Johnston, Class of 1970 and 1989, Darren Williams, Class of 1990, Natalie Merchant, Class of 1983, Daniel Powers, Class of 1984, Dominic Rogers, Class of 1991, Kevin Saff, Class of 1985, Gard Clark, Class of 1981, Brian Mallory, Class of 1983, Larry Penman, Class of 2004, Stephen Riczke, Class of 192, Gail Mellow, Class of 1973, Charles Nazzaro, Class of 1975, Carol O’Connell, Class of 1979, Glenn Utter, Class of 1963, Kurtis Fletcher, Class of 1984, Maureen Kohl, Class of 1988, 1994, Jennifer Brinkley Powell, Class of 1982, Lanny Sheffield, Class of 1970, Meme Yanetsko, Class of 1988, Melvin Feather, Class of 1966, Gregory Leonard, Class of 1969, Dennis Pezzimenti, Class of 1989, Gerard Puccio, Class of 1982 and 1983, William Gordon, Class of 1967, John Hanigan, Class of 1982, Karen Perrigo, Class of 1979, Joanne Sorensen, Class of 1983, Hermes Ames, Class of 1970, Jerry Burrell, Class of 1982, Clifford Coppersmith, Class of 1984, Deneen Hernandez, Class of 1984, Leonard Popyack, Class of 1983, Kevin Kochersberger, Class of 1981, Jeffrey Kroon, Class of 1979, Amber McLarney-Vesotski, Class of 1996, Maureen Schmidt, Class of 1993, Brian Bogey, Class of 1967, Joel Klein, Class of 1983, Joann McAndrew, Class of 1988, Wendy Larson Loggia, Class of 1987, Bradley Van Riper, Class of 1978, John LaMancuso, M.D., Class of 1973, William Parment, Class of 1980, Samuel Teresi, Class of 1980, Nelson Garifi, Class of 1977, Donald Hoyt, Class of 1959, Shannon Masterson-Kendrick, Class of 1981, Susan Carlson, Class of 1964, William MacLaughlin, Class of 1975, Kevin Fuscus, Class of 1983, L. Scott Schultz, Class of 1972, Joseph Gerace, Class of 1979, Gary Lynn, Class of 1969, Stephanie Morrill, Class of 1991, Sandra Schifano, Class of 1977, Charles Sinatra, Class of 1959, Joseph Sinatra, Class of 1983, Diane Switzer, Class of 1975, Shelly Taylor, Class of 1980, Thomas Erlandson, Class of 1960, Lucinda Lamb, Class of 1973, Peter Cala, Class of 1968, Dennis Webster, Class of 1974, Roger Lexell, Class of 1964, Thomas Benson, Class of 1975, Lawrence Igarashi, Class of 1968, Elizabeth Lenna, Class of 1973, Terry Schultz, Class of 1970, Daniel Johnson, Class of 1972, Mary Jo Lattimore-Young, Class of 1977, Michael Guzzardo, M.D., Class of 1974, Kathleen Hayes Sugarman, Class of 1974, Natalie Marker, Class of 1976, Jacqueline Vincent, Class of 1974, Jacqueline Darroch, Class of 1966, Frederica Dunn, Class of 1962, Carol Lorenc, Class of 1970, Donald Nelson, Class of 1964, Jeanne Pugh, Class of 1965, and Finis Southworth, Class of 1969.