Behavior, Diet, Exercise Keys?To Weight Loss

Studies show that “weight loss” was the number one New Year’s resolution of 2014; however, for a variety of reasons, only eight percent of people maintain success with their New Year’s goals throughout the year.

To successfully accomplish resolutions such as weight loss, it is important to first become informed about the process required to reach success, and ensure that various forms of motivation surround you. Five Star Urgent Care has identified three key factors that lead to positive outcomes for weight loss when implemented correctly.

“The challenge that many people face while engaging in a new weight loss program is maintaining the change,” said Dr. LouAnne Ten Kate, medical director for Five Star Urgent Care. “There are three components to a successful weight loss journey that compliment each other, and when properly used at the same time, build the tools needed for long-term, successful results.”

Three components to a successful weight loss program include:

Behavior modification – this includes self-motivation, stimulus control, conscious slower eating, positive reinforcement and social support.

Diet – there are various types of diets that are the most successful depending on various factors including gender and age. However, the type of diet chosen is not as important as the ability to adhere to it.

Exercise – this aspect is important for preserving lean body mass during dieting, improving physical function, keeping a person’s metabolic rate up and maintaining weight loss.

“After the weight loss is achieved, the behavior modifications, dietary changes, and exercise regiments that are developed into a routine must be maintained to ensure an active, healthy lifestyle,” Ten Kate said.

For those who have committed to a weight loss as their New Year’s resolution, Five Star recommends consulting with their primary care provider, a nutritionist or a fitness trainer to determine the correct path for achieving personal goals.

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