Love Is In The Air

Lovers aren’t the only ones feeling the love on Valentine’s Day. Retailers are feeling it too as they reap the benefits of Cupid’s arrow.

Businesses profit from the customary gift-giving which has become associated with the holiday. Flowers, jewelry, cards and candy are the main staples of the holiday in terms of gifts, and vendors generally see an increase in sales, but depending on the year, it can vary.

“Some years you sell a little bit more, some years you sell a little bit less,” said Steve Frankson, owner of Peterson’s Candies located at 743 Busti-Sugar Grove Road in Jamestown.

While Valentine’s Day is on Friday, businesses expect to see a surge in sales all week with the biggest influx the days right before the holiday.

“Men in general shop the last couple days before Valentine’s Day,” said Kristy Adams, manager at Tina’s Hallmark in the Chautauqua Mall on 318 E. Fairmount Ave. in Lakewood.

While gifts like candy and cards typically depend on personal taste with no discernible pattern and are in hardly short supply, when it comes to flowers and jewelry the game changes. Red roses are the clear favorites to give significant others as a sign of true love. Susan Carlson, owner of Girton’s Flowers and Gifts at 1519 Washington St. in Jamestown, tries to remind everyone that women do love other colors of roses, not only red ones, and mixed arrangements are just as nice and easier on the pocketbook.

“Order your flowers as soon as possible so you can be sure to get what you want,” Carlson suggested as well for a tip.

As for jewelry, there is an increase in the sale of heart-themed jewelry, and interestingly pendants and necklaces are preferred over rings, according to Gaylene Lindell, owner of Gaylene’s located on 3045 Fluvanna Ave. in Jamestown.

Stores sometimes offer special services or discounts in the spirit of the holiday of love. Tina’s Hallmark offers to wrap or put together a gift bag for Valentine’s Day. Peterson’s Candies will fill heart-shaped boxes from previous years. Girton’s Flowers and Gifts has pre-made arrangements in its cooler with candy included. Gaylene’s can personalize jewelry and all heart-shaped jewelry will be 20 percent off.