JPS To Host Public Forum For 2014-15 Budget Planning

Tim Mains wants to make sure Jamestown Public Schools residents have as much input as possible in the 2014-15 budget building process.

The district will be hosting a two-hour public forum Tuesday in order to gather information and feedback from community residents regarding every individual aspect of the budget.

According to Mains, JPS superintendent, hosting a public work session specifically for the purpose of budget planning is a unique idea that has never been implemented in Jamestown before. He said this will be accomplished by splitting attendees of the work session into groups, which will rotate to different stations representing the various facets of the budget itself.

“We’ve never done this in Jamestown,” Mains said. “We’re really interested in trying to get public input for the board about how the public views the different things that the district does. We’ll break up all of the different things that our budget pays for into categories, and we’ll take a look at each of those categories and ask them to share their viewpoints with us – whatever those opinions might be.”

“This is a new approach for us, but I hope that it will provide more meaningful input rather than just having a parade of speakers talk about a number of topics,” he added.

The public forum will be held in the JPS Board of Education meeting room at Jefferson Middle School from 6:30-8:30 p.m.