In Years Past

In 1914, Andrew Peterson’s cottage at Beechwood, located just above the upper canal, was completely destroyed by fire on this morning. No one was living in the cottage at the time but the fire started in the kitchen and it was thought that probably some person or persons had been there recently and left a fire burning in the stove. The building was two stories in height and was a good substantial house, not being of the summer cottage variety. The Lakewood Fire Company was called out and while the firemen could not save the cottage, they prevented the blaze from spreading to nearby cottages.

With no chance of appeal, sentence of death was passed on the English sparrow in Toledo, Ohio, by the board of public park commissioners. Extermination of this little bird would be sought and to accomplish this end every citizen of Toledo had been enlisted. The death sentence was passed after the park board found the sparrows guilty of being too numerous, of doing damage to public parks and of driving away the songbirds. The feathered pests had but two more weeks before the sentence would be put in force. Suitable prizes would be offered for the largest number of dead birds.

In 1939, after seeing their fairly comfortable lead dwindle to a few mere points, Jamestown High School basketeers staved off Westfield’s sensational closing rally to record a 38-35 triumph before another capacity home crowd Friday night, retaining leadership of the Class A County cage circuit. Eric Lundgren and Vince Calarco lead the opposing teams, the former with 11 points and the latter 10. Coach Rolland H. Taft’s Red and Green passers who enjoyed a 22-13 advantage at the interval, were outscored in the second half by Al Doud’s Blue and White hoopsters, 21-16. Westfield’s close checking in the third and fourth period were factors in the visitors’ improved form as they whittled away at Jamestown’s early lead. It was Jamestown’s seventh straight victory of the season as the halfway mark in the campaign was reached.

Desire Fitch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Squire Fitch, was being much feted honoring her marriage to Andrus Jackson Hand on Feb. 18. Next Wednesday evening Margaret Appleyard would give a dinner at Levan’s for Fitch. Joyce Randell gave a kitchen shower and bridge in her honor Tuesday evening at the home of her parents, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Randell at the Congregational manse, 316 East Fourth St., Jamestown. Mrs. Frank E. Hause entertained eight guests for luncheon on Wednesday at her home, 30 Spruce St., for Miss Fitch. Isabelle Rushworth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Nelson Rushworth, 12 Lakeview Ave., gave a dessert bridge Wednesday evening and a handkerchief shower for 16 guests at her home. Miss Fitch was also honored at a pantry and recipe shower on Thursday evening, given by Alta Shaw at the home of her father, Walter F. Shaw, 40 Spruce St.

In 1964, more than 79 percent of 7-year-old children in Jamestown public schools needed dental correction, it was noted by the Jamestown Dental Society in observing National Children’s Dental Health Week. Dr. Francis Palmer, president of the local Dental Society, said Jamestown dentists were emphasizing the need for proper care of children’s teeth as their part in the Dental Health Week. A dental health survey taken among school children here the past September showed that 79.2 percent of the 7-year-olds had decayed, missing or filled teeth which had not been corrected, Palmer said.

Intensive investigation by three police agencies had proven as “baseless and unfounded” persistent rumors of organized narcotics traffic in the Westfield area, Police Chief Robert Peterson said. Peterson pointed out that members of his department had spent about 10 days in surveillance of school areas and other locations where it was rumored that the illicit sales were taking place. He indicated that the effort uncovered nothing to indicate that illegal sale of drugs was being carried out in the area. Working with Westfield Police in the investigation were members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s department and David Carr, State Police B.C.I., Westfield Barracks.