Third Time’s A Charm

LAKEWOOD – After trying to get on “The Price is Right” two times before, MaryAnn Lindquist, 81, of Lakewood, succeeded in her third attempt this past November.

Her daughter, Lisa Johnson and her grandson, Stanley “Michael” Johnson – who won “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” respectively in July – took Lindquist to Los Angeles to try their luck again. This time Lindquist was chosen.

“I was very surprised and excited when they called my name,” she said. Echoing both her daughter and grandson, Lindquist said it was surreal experience to be called up on stage, almost like it was a dream.

She expressed disappointment Drew Carey didn’t ask if she would have liked to say “hi” to anyone – something he normally does. Lindquist said she wanted to say “hi” to her husband, Paul, 11 grandchildren and great-granddaughter.

Lindquist is a big fan of “The Price is Right,” watching it for years whenever she got a chance.

“My husband and I, we will take our guess on the games,” she said. “What they are worth, what we are thinking what they (the contestants) should guess on the different games.”

Just like in July, Lindquist waited in line for four to five hours before the show began. People can order lunch while in line, and before going into the taping area, they go through a 30-second interview process.

Lindquist will appear on “The Price is Right” on Friday at 11 a.m. on CBS.