Carroll Landfill Project Is A Concern

To The Reader’s Forum:

I was surprised to learn that Chautauqua County was ranked as one of the worst in New York state with regard to the health of its citizens per The Post-Journal article dated Jan. 12, 2014, but as much as I recognize the implications of this data, it is about to get much worse if the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation approves the permit for Sealand Waste, LLC to construct and operate a C & D landfill on Dodge Road in the Town of Carroll.

With all the data and scientific documentation that has been submitted to your offices and to the New York state DEC on the potential hazards presented by the implementation of this landfill, one can readily see that the negative impact that this landfill presents. As previously stated, this does not only impact the Town of Carroll, but it threatens a large segment of the population in Chautauqua County and well beyond.

I am convinced that the author’s of The Post-Journal article did not take this into consideration when evaluating the health concerns of Chautauqua County. While that may be attributed to the fact that the landfill has yet to be constructed, the data presented thus far on the implications of such a project, certainly exacerbate the factors which appear in this news article. The hazards presented with regard to the diesel particulate matter which introduced to the environment by this project alone, are substantial enough to threaten thousands of lives all across the state of New York, not just in Chautauqua County. County and state officials need to take the necessary steps to remove this project from the list of those which are scheduled for construction and implementation within our county and within our state.

Respectfully submitted,

Russell L. Payne