Obama’s Way Is Not The American Way

President Barack Obama could have saved some time in his State of the Union speech, summing up his attitude toward government with a simple hand gesture.

Instead of discussing his plans at length, Obama could have looked at members of Congress seated in front of him, lifted his hand to his face, and thumbed his nose at them.

That is what the Obama agenda amounts to, after all – an imperial presidency circumventing the representative government, with Congress at its heart, that most Americans believe is best for our nation.

Obama’s plan to issue an executive order increasing the minimum wage paid to workers whose companies are under contract to the government is but the most recent example of his grab for power. The current minimum wage requirement for contractors is $7.25 an hour. Obama plans to take it to $10.10.

An issue of that magnitude should be decided by Congress, of course. That is the American way.

It is not Obama’s way, however.