State Of The State Address Was Depressing

To the Readers’ Forum:

First and foremost, we don’t need a freeze in property taxes, we need a reduction. I’m quite certain that in two years we will still have the highest taxes in the country.

I also couldn’t help but notice that Gov. Cuomo chose to ignore the main drivers of taxes – welfare, Medicaid and unfunded mandates.

I think most taxpayers understand the need for some type of temporary assistance programs, but do we have to have the most generous programs in the country? Until we get some type of meaningful reform, taxes will never be reduced.

As for unfunded mandates, this is simply our representatives way of telling the taxpayer they lack the courage to take responsibility and accountability for their own actions. They instead choose to pass on the costs of their programs to local governments and hope taxpayers will forget who is really responsible.

And let’s not forget, nearly every penny of your school taxes is due to state mandates. Despite the fact that New York has the most expensive state school system in the country, we don’t even rank in the top half of states in terms of success rates. This is what you get when politicians and their political appointees run the system. And Gov. Cuomo’s solution – throw another $2 billion into the failed system. Worse yet, this will be borrowed money. Not bad enough that New York already has one of the highest state debts in the country – something our politicians like to keep secret.

Randy Jacobs