Retro Reunion

It’s taken a fair amount of hard work and dedication, but The Elektra Kings have finally earned a place on the stage of one of Jamestown’s few original music venues.

Founded by three area residents, The Elektra Kings are an instrumental band who primarily focus on performing surf, spy and psychedelic blues tunes. And, up until Friday evening, the group had only ever played at Mojo’s during Infinity Visual and Performing Arts’ annual Local Music Showcase.

According to Gavin Paterniti, bassist, he’s quite excited for his nonconventional band to have a shot at playing Mojo’s.

“I like that we made it here because it’s like the only real original band venue,” Paterniti said. “We’ve been trying to get in here since the summer of 2012, and it was great playing here during the Local Music Showcase. It seems like every time we play here we get a pretty good response from the people at the bar.”

“It’s the coolest place in Jamestown,” added Danny Imig, lead guitarist.

Although The Elektra Kings weren’t the headliners, the group was paired up with a band that Jim Sturdevant, drummer, has quite the history with -The Heavenly Chillbillies. The booze infused blues and Americana band is from Buffalo, but when doing research on the group, Sturdevant noticed that bassist Earl Irving was an old gig buddy.

“I met a bass player on numerous blues and rock gigs, and he just so happens to be the bassist for The Heavenly Chillbillies now,” Sturdevant said. “We did lots of gigs and sessions together, and I love Earl. So, when I found out we were opening for the Chillbillies, I couldn’t wait until he walked through the door because we haven’t seen each other in years – what are the odds?”

According to Matt Baxter, who does booking for Mojo’s, he paired the group together based on their similarities, as well as their complementary differences.

“The Elektra Kings play instrumental surf rock, and The Heavenly Chillbillies are more of a blues oriented bar rock – keyword is rock,” Baxter said. “Both bands are a good fit for a bar – it’s all-around drinkin’ music.”

During the show, The Elektra Kings performed a variety of originals and covers, including: “Stinkin’ Badges,” “Blue Agave,” “Propensity To Rut” and “Elektra City.” Many of the tunes the group played haven’t yet been recorded, but the group is looking for a studio to get to work on an EP, Paterniti said.

The Elektra Kings are also looking to expand the number of venues that they perform in, and hope that the nearly dozen original tunes they have performance ready will land them some festival gigs.

For more information, visit or search for “The Elektra Kings” on Facebook.