SAFE Act Has Done Nothing

To The Reader’s Forum:

What has the SAFE act accomplished? Nothing. It made thousands of gun owners potentially felons for owning guns that were previously legal, illegal because of their looks or the type of stock they have.

The law makes it OK for a former cop to own a pistol with a large clip but it would be illegal for his brother, father or me to own the same.

Just a few days ago a retired cop in Florida shot a fellow moviegoer in a fit of rage because the guy wouldn’t quit texting. The media didn’t make too much of the type of gun used in the naval yard shooting because it was a very popular 870 Remington pump shotgun. There are literally millions of them around, at least four in my family. They are great for anything from squirrels to moose depending on the type of ammunition used. The people who pass and support this type of law are clueless about the real problem.

Of the 300,000,000 people in this country there at least a few hundred nuts! Do you really think more laws will help?

Brian Stimson