Area Residents Discuss Why Urban Chickens Can Be Good Neighbors

Area residents gathered at the Frank Bratt Agricultural Center on Friday evening for a roundtable that focused on raising awareness about urban poultry projects.

Residents concerned with zoning codes which prevent property owners in towns, villages and cities in Chautauqua County from raising chickens as pets met to discuss why keeping poultry in an urban setting can be beneficial.

Chicken keepers from Falconer, including Sally Miess, who was the first resident of Falconer to be issued an urban chicken permit, Busti, Celoron and Pomfret attended the roundtable to share their love for the hobby. A representative from the town of Poland also attended the meeting.

The group addressed concerns of neighbors who felt chickens could potentially produce an unpleasant odor, loud noise and a negative impact on property value. But, the group also talked about the various benefits of raising chickens as pets, including fresh eggs, compost for gardens and a kinship with the creatures that provide sustenance.

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