Criticism Of Rabb Is Misinformed

To The Reader’s Forum:

I was quite surprised and saddened to read an article criticizing the Jamestown City Council President, Dr. Greg Rabb, in a letter to The Post-Journal’s editor.

The first sentence of the article is a poorly veiled cheap shot at an individual who has spent countless hours working on behalf of the city of Jamestown. I am going to tell you what I know about Greg from personal experience. He is an amazing teacher who challenges his students to think. He brought me out of my shell at JCC and helped turn me from a introspective rural child into a worldly adult. He is a citizen who cares deeply about the community he is a part of and does nothing but talk its praises every time I see him. His involvement with the gay marriage community comes out of a place of love and understanding, something that I find very difficult for anyone to criticize. Above all else he is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about public policy. I personally have gotten to know diplomats, Congressmen, and educational leaders; individuals that many would consider to be supremely knowledgeable of public policy. Dr. Rabb is still one of the most uniquely wise voices I have ever heard speak. The attacks on his character are baseless and crude, and quite frankly make little sense.

On the topic of economic malaise that has struck Jamestown, the plain truth is much of it is out of the hands of local government. The same affliction has struck much of the mid-west region in the past half decade, including Buffalo to the North. The problems are macroeconomic and structural in their nature. To give total praise or blame to recent government actors is beyond shortsighted.

The plain truth is that Dr. Rabb is a man of honor and intelligence, and Jamestown is lucky to have him in its community.

Mark Pellham