An exhibit which illustrates the creative process of fine art printmaking will soon be on display in Jamestown.

Jamestown Community College and the Weeks Gallery are set to present an exhibit entitled “Printmaking: Art, Process, Community,” during a reception to be held Friday from 6-8:30 p.m.

According to Patricia Briggs, Weeks Gallery director, the exhibit features the work of eight artists who employ various techniques and processes, such as: relief, intaglio, screen printing and digital printing.

“Printmakers are interested in process, so oftentimes they work together instead of fighting about the meaning of art,” Briggs said. “Part of this exhibit is meant to show the process of creating prints because when people look at it they think it’s nice, but they don’t know that it probably took months to create. It’s so much more complicated than just taking a pencil and drawing it.”

Many of the artists featured in the exhibit share a connection with the area, including Don Kimes, the artistic director of visual arts at Chautauqua Institution, and Tom Raneses, who teaches printmaking and drawing at Chautauqua. But it also features Katja Oxman, Art Werger, Bonnie Ashmore-Davis, Betsey Garand, John James Anderson and Teto Elsiddique, who has studied with Raneses.

Elsiddique, a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, is a native of England who was raised in Sudan and Canada. He is currently participating at a yearlong residency in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, but decided to head to Jamestown to participate in the printmaking exhibit.

In celebration of the exhibit’s opening reception, Elsiddique has created two large prints on walls at JCC. Using spray paint and bubble wrap, Elsiddique has applied the printing process straight onto the walls of Weeks Gallery and the Hamilton Collegiate Center. However, the pieces are semi-permanent, and will be painted over after the exhibit ends.

“It’s a process that I developed over the course of my undergrad experience,” Elsiddique said. “But, I did a lot of graffiti before I went to art school, and for a long time that’s what I understood art was. The pieces I’m creating are semi-permanent in the same sense that graffiti is – a lot of the stuff I’ve done has been buffed over. So, you have to understand that you’re making artwork for the love of making it – for the pure experience of it.”

The concept of creating artwork on the walls of a gallery in an exhibit is new and foreign to Elsiddique, he continued.

“It’s this foreign thing that never crept anywhere near my space of mind, friends or my environment,” Elsiddique said. “So, it’s been a transition going from what I was to what I am now, and in general I think I’m a lot more open because of it.”

Elsiddique is quite excited about the opportunity to present his work to the people of Jamestown, who have all been very nice to him, he said.

“Participating in a Weeks Gallery exhibition is definitely a great opportunity for an artist that just came out from their undergrad – I really appreciate that,” Elsiddique said.

The exhibit is set to run through March 26. In addition to Friday’s opening reception, Briggs will lead an informal discussion about the exhibit at noon on March 5.

The Weeks Gallery is located on the second floor of the arts and sciences center at Jamestown Community College, 525 Falconer St. in Jamestown. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. For more information, call 338-1300 or visit