Our City Deserves A Better Effort

To The Reader’s Forum:

Personal feelings about gay marriage aside, I’m exasperated by what appears to be self-serving incompetence by our leaders.

My office overlooks the old Brooklyn Square area. On any given day, outside my window, many unemployed and underemployed citizens plod the broken sidewalks of our city looking for ways to make a better life for themselves and their families. Our city fathers have betrayed us, either by intention or by incompetence. For our President of the City Council to celebrate this tourist wedding plan as some sort of significant achievement for our community is laughable.

I don’t believe he understands the scope of our city’s problems or need. We need smarter people at the table; those who’s agenda is not personally focused, those who’s motivation is selfless service to a community in desperate need, those who have not become anesthetized by years of status quo, lackluster achievement, those who’s scope of experience includes success. Our city deserves a better effort.

Dr William C. Blair