Update 2:50 p.m.: None Injured In Cherry Creek Fire

CHERRY CREEK – Firefighters from Cherry Creek, Ellington, Conewango and Sinclairville fought a structure fire at 556 Southside Ave. in Cherry Creek Tuesday afternoon in temperatures hovering near zero.

Heavy smoke and fire were visible, especially in the rear of the single-family dwelling. Smoke was also visible in the front portion of the home.

Although the initial alarm reported entrapment in the structure, according to Georgia Elliott, resident, everyone made it out to safety, although her four Chihuahuas, who had gotten out safely had run away from the danger. She was very concerned for their safety in the severe cold.

“We were in the living room playing golf on the Wii, and smoke began to come in from the back of the house where we had the wood stove,” she said. “We made it out OK, but I don’t know where my little dogs are.”

As of 2:50 p.m., calls for additional manpower were being responded to by Randolph and Leon, with Leon also sending an additional ambulance and crew.

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