Church Says Thank You For Support

To The Reader’s Forum:

Several years ago the steeple of the Sherman Community Church suffered damage during a windstorm. While various plans and agreements were made to repair the steeple, each came to a halt and deterioration continued. Feeling they had no other choice, board members voted to remove the upper levels of the steeple. The very next day, a Sherman resident that wasn’t even a member of the church offered to contribute to funds if the board chose to repair the steeple. Following this pledge, a widespread objection was heard throughout the village. The congregation demanded a revote and the “stand by the steeple” campaign began.

The steeple was repaired this past spring. After multiple fundraising efforts and generous contributions, our campaign goals were recently met. The Sherman Community Church would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped and supported us in fulfilling our efforts.

Gloria Neal


on behalf of Sherman Community Church members