Ingjald Lodge Vikings Elect Officers For 2014

Members of Ingjald Lodge of the International Order of Vikings elected their officers for 2014 at the end of December.

Newly elected officers were installed to their respective offices early in January. The installation team was comprised of Grand Chief John Pavlock, Past Grand Chief Bill Peterson and Past Ingjald Chief Bryan Nelson.

Special thanks and appreciation was expressed for outgoing Viking Chief Steve Kosthorst, and all who had worked so hard the previous year.

Newly elected officers for this year are: Chief – Mindy Worden; Vice Chief – Orrissia Greenwald; Treasurer – Betsy Lynch; Financial Secretary – Debra Pavlock; Assistant Recording Secretary – Beth Ecklund; Trustees – Bryan Nelson, Toots Porter, Al Johnson; House Committee – Doug Johnson, Phil Bemis; House Committee Auditor – Bob Greenwald; Membership Chairpersons – Tim Miller, Toots Porter; Temple Corporation – Jane Fosberg, Karen Carlson, Larry Bentzoni; Asst. Herald – Bob Greenwald; Outer Guard – Steve Worden. A time of refreshments and fellowship was had following the meeting.

The Vikings is a fraternal organization with emphasis on Scandinavian heritage. Social membership is open to those of non-Scandinavian heritage. For more information about either the regular Viking membership or the Viking social membership interested parties can call the Viking office at 487-9305.