Ellicott Bait And Shoot Project Starts

ELLICOTT- After months of planning, the bait-and-shoot program in Ellicott has finally started.

Discussion of the deer problem dates back to July 2011, around the same time Celoron began the discussion, and later implementation, of their own bait-and-shoot program. In May 2013, the issue was revisited, and after months of planning, the bait-and-shoot program has finally been implemented.

Ellicott signed an agreement with the Department of Environmental Conservation, receiving 50 tags from them.

The bait-and-shoot program is taking place on Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy’s property behind the Fairmount Plaza. About 10-15 pounds of cracked corn will be set up each day for two to three weeks to attract the deer. The town is already a week into the process. Scott Schrecengost, Celoron mayor, is the one doing the baiting.

“This is a perfect time for the baiting,” said Patrick McLaughlin, town councilman at Ellicott’s board meeting on Jan. 6. “With this much snow and this much cold, they (the deer) will come in for that corn.”