Pine Valley Moving Forward With Capital Project

SOUTH DAYTON – Things are moving along with the current capital project on the grounds of Pine Valley Central School. David Walter and Randy Beckerink of Clark Patterson Lee gave an update on the project, including bids for Phase 2. Phase 2 bids were opened earlier in the month with numerous bids received for each contract. All the bids were within budget and Walter called the process “successful.”

The bids were as follows: Perry Construction Group for general construction in the amount of $3,364,000; DV Brown Associates Inc., for plumbing in the amount of $128,000; Parise Mechanical Inc., for HVAC in the amount of $965,000; and Ahlstrom-Schaeffer Electric Corp., for electrical in the amount of $997,657. The total cost for Phase 2 will be $5,454,657 – $500,000 under budget. The board accepted all bids and passed a motion for Clark Patterson Lee to prepare contracts and a notice to proceed.

Superintendent Pete Morgante said construction will begin before the end of the school year. Construction will only have a minimal impact on teachers and students and will not impact teaching. Beckerink said the project “has been going smooth” and is moving along with the completion of Phase 1. Items they are still waiting on are heat in the water treatment building and a new well pump to be installed in the building. Beckerink gave praise to the contractor for Phase 1, Lake Shore Paving. He said the company has worked aggressively to complete the paving for the district which was originally anticipated to take two summers.

“They came in and were very aggressive over the summer and into the fall have been successful for this project,” he said

The board also approved a five-year fund balance and reserve plan and canceled its May 22 meeting.