Rand McNally Democracy?

To The Reader’s Forum:

I recently viewed a news/opinion show on the tube where there was a discussion on Gerrymandering; Rand McNally democracy in it’s finest.

Out of 435 Congressional Districts, it was the show’s participants, both Republican and Democrat, belief that only 35 of those 435 districts were truly ‘swing’ districts, with the remaining 400 districts; 220 being Republican, 180 being Democratic described as ‘solid or secure’ districts.

With the 2014 Mid-term Congressional Elections quickly approaching, I’m thinking do we really have a democracy in our country?

It is truly both political parties fault; the party in power in each state have the right to align congressional district lines based on the 10 year Census population numbers. BUT, take a minute and look up some of the safe district’s lines that have been drawn; some being very similar to a Rorschach Ink Block! Squiggly lines, all over the map, simply to ensure a voter base strong enough to make the district a safe/secure/solid district for either one of the political parties.

In my opinion this is not democracy. Sad, so very sad.

Tim Fagerstrom