Resistive Heating Blamed In Bowen Street Fire

A fire that tore through a residence at 82 Bowen St. Monday night was blamed on resistive heating and an overloaded space heater connection, according to fire officials.

Matthew Russo, battalion chief of the Jamestown Fire Department, said that an extension cord or surge protector near the electric space heater may have become overloaded, causing resistive heating and a subsequent fire.

The residence sustained heavy fire damage and was eventually demolished by the Department of Development.

Both tenants of the first and second floors of the residence were uninjured.

According to the Southwestern New York Chapter of the American Red Cross, the two families displaced by the fire will receive temporary housing, clothing and meals. The Red Cross will also work with the families throughout their recovery process.

Jamestown firefighters first responded to the scene around 9:45 p.m. for a report of a structure fire with smoke visible. Crews entered the structure and attempted to force the fire to the rear, allowing firefighters on the perimeter to knock visible flames down with fire hoses.

Trouble ensued as firefighters had a difficult time knocking through a second-story window blocked by a sheet of plywood, and flames erupted on the first floor while firefighters were still inside.

Off-shift firefighters were called in to assist, but the fire proved to be resilient, as the battle lasted well into the evening.

Fire officials eventually left the scene at approximately 5:52 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to Russo.