Sinclairville Senior Citizens Hold New Year’s Luncheon

The Sinclairville Senior Citizens met recently in the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room. The Sinclairville Senior Citizens meet once a month on the second Tuesday for a luncheon and program.

Luncheon preparations and table decorations were provided by Diman Smith. Those attending brought dishes of food to be shared with all.

There were ample amounts for all to enjoy. President Margie McIntyre welcomed all to the luncheon, and Pastor Phil Shay gave the blessing prior to the meal.

Following the meal, Elaine Palmer-Titus, past president, gave a special prayer remembering those who are standing in need, and giving thanks for the opportunity for all of the people to gather together for a meal.

Betty Wielgasz, sunshine chairman, researched the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, written in 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus arriving in the New World. There have been changes to the pledge which was officially recognized by Congress in 1942, with more words and phrases being added. The original pledge was 22 words in length and the current pledge of allegiance is 31 words. A special thank you was given to Wielgasz for her research. The Pledge of Allegiance was then recited by all. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. McIntyre gave the treasurer’s report in the absence of the treasurer. Treasurer Claudia Wittenbrook asked for a leave from her duties, and Charles Sylvester was appointed as treasurer for 2014. Annual dues for the organization will be collected at the February meeting. McIntyre read a humorous story about real estate and said she likes a happy ending. The drawings were conducted by Linda Parmenter. Prizes were awarded to Wielgasz, Smith, John Sipos, Fran Odell, Margie McIntyre, Louisa Smith, Beverly Higgs, Susan Sipos, Martha Harmon, Parmenter, Jim Odell, Allen Higgs and Elaine Palmer-Titus. The birthday song was sung to Martha Harmon.

The next meeting of the group will be on the Tuesday, Feb. 11 at noon in the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room. The meal will be the stone soup meal, whereby people will bring something to add to a pot of soup. Other dishes of food and desserts are also welcome. The program will be an antique show and tell program, whereby those attending are asked to bring an old item for discussion. Table decorations will be the antiques for the show and tell program. Smith said he would get the table covering on the tables and coffee prepared. Looking ahead, the April meeting program will be the annual fun auction, with Palmer-Titus as the auctioneer. New members are always welcome.