Local Boy Scout Helps Stabilize Library Sign

A local Boy Scout has helped the Fluvanna Free Library secure a sign on the property to keep it from blowing over.

Thomas Gallets, a sophomore at Maple Grove Jr./Sr. High School, designed and constructed a secured base for the sign outside of the Fluvanna Free Library to complete a community service project and work his way towardhis Eagle Scout badge.

According to Gallets, who has been involved with Boy Scouts for nearly a decade, the library contacted Boy Scout Troop 169, of which he is a member, regarding difficulties they were having with their sign blowing over in the wind.

With help from troop leaders Steve Parker and Bruce Cobb as well as other Boy Scouts, the sign project began with paperwork at the end of August and was completed in September.

“I anchored the sign with a platform and frame,” Gallets said, “which I designed at home using CAD.”

Chautauqua Brick helped supply Gallets with the materials needed for the sign.

“The library was very helpful too,” Gallets said.

Once Gallets completes a 13-week personal fitness program and submits the proper paperwork, he will have earned his Eagle Scout badge, hopefully by the next school year.

Gallets’ two older brothers, previously scouts in Troop 169, have also completed community service projects at the library including rebuilding a closet door and designing the library’s website.

Next year, Gallets plans to attend BOCES and study diesel mechanics.