Citizen Acknowledged For Honesty

To the Readers’ Forum:

What a wonderful feeling to know that there are still a few completely honest folks in this world. It seems around the Christmas season, the paper prints even more than the usual stories of dishonesty, theft, etc. and people have come to expect it. I suppose because the most desirable gifts are much more expensive than was true in my day of growing up in the 40’s. I do remember shopping for siblings in my family with only a few dollars in my pocket and being excited about the giving of a gift. So there are more stories these days of robberies, theft and break-in around the holiday season.

Recently on a very snowy day and the New Year just beginning, I went with my friend for lunch in the Coffee Cup. He often visits there, but not so often myself. So, it was not only the first of the new year but also the beginning of a new month. I first went across the street to do my banking for the month. Also, since I am retired and living on a rather modest income, I only take out what I need for essentials. After enjoying a nice lunch and a great cup of coffee, we left, me with my cash withdrawal in my coat pocket. Evidently, the envelope slipped out of my pocket … admittedly, carelessness on my part. I never even realized it was gone, but upon being dropped off at home, I received a phone call from the owner of the restaurant.

First, I could not believe I had so carelessly lost the envelope. Evidently an honest gentleman gave it to the owner of said restaurant. Since my name was on the withdrawal slip and someone recognized my name, the owner called me and returned the cash. I tried to give her a reward, but she refused it and would not even try to give it the gentleman who found it. On a limited income, as I start the new year, but wanting to repay her or the fellow, I was very thankful for those honest people in this day and age we live in. It makes me very happy, especially that there still are good stories of thankfulness to write about.

May those who remember to be kind in this sometimes hectic world, somehow be blessed … and somehow I know they will.

Elaine J. Gregory