Baicich To Discuss Bird Feeding In America At RTPI Tuesday

On Tuesday at 7 p.m., the Roger Tory Peterson Institute is offering a free public program titled “Bird Feeding in America: A Story of Wild Birds, Innovation, and Conservation.” The talk will be presented by Paul J. Baicich, co-author of an upcoming book on the same subject.

Today more than 55 million Americans engage in backyard bird feeding, and Americans have been feeding wild birds for over 100 years, but very few people have followed the history and development of this popular pastime.

Baicich will discuss how bird feeding evolved and provide insights into little-known stories of feeding development. These include the invention of the hopper feeder, the “discovery” and use of such seeds as black oil sunflower and Nyjer, the creation of the tube feeder, and why hemp, popular through the 1920s, is no longer fed to birds.

He will also share current developments in bird feeding, including the “top 10 bird foods for bird feeding” and “five steps to double the number of bird species at your feeders.”

Baicich is an authority on bird conservation and the breeding biology of North American birds. He is a consultant to the National Wildlife Refuge System, formerly served as the American Birding Association’s Director of Conservation and Public Policy, has led a number of bird-watching tours and workshops in Alaska, and has authored or edited many bird guides and books. He also co-edits the popular monthly Birding Community E-bulletin.

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute is located at 311 Curtis St. in Jamestown. For more information call 665-2473 or visit